Our Company

Taste a sip of our history..

What is Waterloo Beverages? We are your local beverage distributor! We deliver beverages to any business that has needs for any sodas, beers or any other refreshments. But we do so with pride, dedication, and excellent customer service. We take our business very seriously, and we will answer to any questions beyond your typical Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 timeframe, because we always believe that the beauty of working with small company like us, is ultimately the flexibility and the superior customer care that we offer. We have been an employee owned company for many years, and it will continue to be, this is to build this company like a family, and also to have everyone take ownership in their responsibility which equates to better service. We thank you for all your support and we hope to continue our legacy for many more years to come. Cheers.

Dedication Since 1999

We have been providing convenience and excellence to countless small businesses throughout Bay Area.

Going Above and Beyond

We go out of our way to explore and source unique products to help our customers differentiate their business experience.


We value sustainability, and we try to adapt our offering to the ever-changing needs of the highly complex consumer market.

We Care

Without people, there are no business. We value and care for our customers, employees and partners as our own family.